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We offer you the opportunity to broadcast your KJV message. 30 second devotional or up to a 60 minute broadcast

Devotional Shorts

If God has given you a talent for putting together quality King James Bible Devotionals. Let's get them to people eager to listen.


Broadcast your King James Bible message here on Dan River Gospel. Reach your neighborhood, your community with the gospel with minimal effort.


We desire your support through your prayers. As we endeavor to reach the lost with the gospel.

Our Local Broadcast Ministries

Here are just a few of our ministries that Broadcast here on Dan River Gospel
Bro Donald Mahan

Bro Donald Mahan

Pastor - FBC Ringgold

Bro Mahan is Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Ringgold Virginia.
Weekdays at 10am and 2pm

Bro James Albert

Bro James Albert


Bro James Albert is an Evangelist from Providence North Carolina. The current broadcast schedule is
Mondays at 6pm

Bro Paul Sisk

Bro Paul Sisk

Pastor - Westside Mayodan

Bro Paul Sisk is Pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Mayodan North Carolina.
Tuesday at 6pm

Bro Bill Vaughn

Bro Bill Vaughn

Pastor- Highland Baptist Vass

Bro Bill Vaughn is Pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Vass North Carolina
Thursday at 6pm

Bro Todd Caudle

Bro Todd Caudle

Pastor - Bible Baptist Cornwall

Bro Todd Caudle is Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Cornwall Ontario. Listen each
Friday at 6pm

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